A Peppa Pig Party

Both boys & girls love this irresistibly cheeky pig. Here's our guide to throwing a fantastic Peppa Pig party.....


Fancy Dress:

Ask your guests to come dressed as their favourite characters from the show. Alternatively, you can present them with one of our farm animal masks to wear when they arrive and they can pretend to be Danny Dog, Rebecca Rabbit or Peppa Pig herself (click on image for details). These soft foam masks also make great party bag fillers.

Party Decorations:

Decorate the room with our bright and cheerful Peppa Pig Bunting (click on image for details) or some of our Peppa Balloons.


Party Food:

Rebecca Rabbit carrot sticks - carrot sticks with a dip.

Pig Biscuits - Percy Pig biscuits from Marks & Spencers.

Peppa Pig Cupcakes - fairy cakes iced with pink icing and decorated with a pink marshmallow for a snout and chocolate chips for eyes.

Peppa Pig Puddle shaped crisps - available from large supermarkets

Pig Rice Crispy Buns - chocolate rice crispy buns topped with Percy Pig sweets from Marks & Spencers.

Muddy Puddle Buns - fairy cakes with a splodge of melted chocolate on top.

Party Accessories & Tableware

Check out our Peppa Pig party range for Peppa Pig Invitations, Plates, Party Bags, Party Bag Fillers and much more.....

Party Games/Activities

Muddy Puddles - Peppa Pig loves jumping in muddy puddles. Play this game using the rules of Musical Chairs. Cut out some cardboard puddles (or use cushions) and players have to dance until the music stops when they have to try and find a free muddy puddle to stand on.

Daddy Pig says - A Peppa Pig version of the game Simon Says. “Daddy Pig says… Touch your toes, hop, wiggle your fingers, stamp in the puddles, jump up and down" etc. The players should only do the instruction when it’s preceded by “Daddy Pig says”. If you don’t say this they should remain still. Anyone that does move when they shouldn’t is out.

The Memory Game - Show your guests a trayful of relevant items such as a toy dinosaur (George's dinosaur), a pair of glasses (Daddy Pig's), a wellington boot, a plastic duck (Mrs Duck) and some peppa pig toys or farm animal toys. Take one object away from the tray at a time and get your guests to try and guess which one is missing.

Pin the tail on Peppa - Stick up a large poster of Peppa Pig and cut out some swirly tails from pink cardboard. The blindfold guest who sticks the tail nearest to where the real tail should be wins the prize.

And of course if you're lucky enough to thow your party on a rainy day(!) let the kids outside in wellies to jump in muddy puddles in true Peppa style. Maybe warn their parents beforehand!!

Have a great Peppa Pig Party and if you do decide to use any of our tips and ideas we'd love to hear how you get on. If you get the chance drop us a line on our facebook page.






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